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Aluminum profile packing line with automatic timber feeder

Machine is designed with a compact steel frame. Replacement of wrapping material is carried out quickly and easily. Profiles are drawn through the machine by a series of rollers which open and close automatically, allowing bundles with different dimensions to pass through automatically without stopping the machine.

Aluminum profile packing line with timber feeding

   Powered roller table is for the transport of the profiles in and out of the sub-bundle wrapping machine. The infeed roller table is outfitted with centering rollers to maintain the profiles centered on the roller table prior to entering the wrapping machine. Spiral wrapping machine designed to wrap sub-bundles using 25 micron thick of stretch film. The wrapping operation is fully automatic. The sections are fed into the machine. The ring starts automatically. Once the ring has done two or more turns, the transfer rollers transport the profiles until the wrapping operation is finished. At this point a mechanical hand holds and cuts the wrapping material, allowing for the exit of the profile. Material draw-back device ensures constant tension of wrapping material. The conveyor will protect your profile surface from damages. The entire operation is automatic.   

Aluminum profile packing line with timber feeding
This automatic feeding machine can automatic feeding the timber block to the top and bottom of the aluminum bundle. The action step controlled and detected by PLC. It adopts photo electricity for inducing the product. The top timber feeding height of machine can be adjusted per product height. This feeding station can connect to wrapping station which can be move in and out to facilitate your packing needs.

Automatic device to apply the wooden blocks under the bundle during wrapping at the final stage.
the device is integrated with the wrapping machine, wooden blocks are stored in the side near the machine.
The blocks are feeded automatically in terms of bundle length has been selected and the block quantity has been set.
The formed bundles are guaranteed with stability and compactness.


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