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The design of the automatic aluminum profile packing line is completely based on user’s actual manufacturing needs. It is an aluminum bundle packing equipment which aims to provide on line packing solution. It is realize the following aspects.


Automatic aluminum profile packing solution including profile banding, aluminum strapping, profile wrapping, aluminum bundle making...

it's a very large scale of automatic packing machines and system combined machineries in aluminium industry.
Machines are made closely to our customer's requirement, the cooperation are constructed on the mutual trust and communication.
we set their capacity and satisfaction as our aims. we are devoted to make the most productive solutions for every customer.
The packing line is consisted of several separated parts, the machine wraps the profiles/bundles with paper and other material such as stretch film.
A pneumatic system with 6 downstroke extracts the wrapped bundles and form them in a  layer, the quantity of bundles for each layer is pre-selected on the control panel by workers.
After one , there will be a 6 fork handling system depositing the whole layer of bundles onto a roller table. The process circulated until the final layer is formed.
The layers number is also pre-selectable on the control panel.



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