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Automatic aluminum profile stacker and handling machine

Products Introduction
This system is one of the systems invented by our company which automatically identifies the width of profiles and can analyze how many profiles can fit in a layer. This reduces bruising from rear transport, reduces labor intensity and reduces the number of people needed to install profiles. This system also has other advantages.
Automatic aluminum profile stacker | for sand blasting profile

Technical parameters
Model customzied aluminum profile stacker
Highest speed 0.512M/S (Main lift)
Highest speed 0.256M/S (Left and right movement )
Lowest speed 0.1M/S (Main lift )
Lowest speed 0.026M/S (Left and right movement )
Maximum lifting load 250kg/lift
Single piece lifting load 100kg/lift
Shortest length 3000mm
Longest length 7000mm
Voltage : 380V 50HZ

1.Reduces manual labour and save cost
2.Reduces lost caused by aluminium profile scratches
3.Reduces occupational injuries among staff for operation safety.

Traditional machines require two people for operation. This equipment is smart and automatic, so it doesn’t require manual operation.

Working principle

1.Automatic aluminum profile stackers are capable of stacking the required layers of aluminum profiles to a height, and these stacks can be grouped together to form batches for transfer to the following process.
2.After being formed in batches, the stacker will take these aluminum profiles and stack them on a cart, then take them to the furnace for homogenizing.
3.Automatic aluminum profile stacker operates by sending signals to the PLC. This enables accurate control and stable operation as the system has an advanced brake unit and is powered by electrical power.

Automatic aluminum profile stacker | for sand blasting profile


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