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Aluminum profile handling and stacking machienries are evoluted based on our sophistication and hands on experience for decades. The super efficient characterisic has down a great help to modern aluminum profile production industry.

The automatic stacking system is one of the most important automated machines for reducing the man power in the aluminium production cycle. By connecting the out-feeding conveyor with transfer belt conver, the automatic stacker is able gathering the aluminum proflie online. And after number counting and profile gathering, the layer of the bundle will be picking up and move to the basket. This machine is used to dump a layer of pre-treated profiles into wooden crates, steel basket... For protecting the profile surface, the slats with different materials can be automatic feeding and input between the layers. Only one people required for handling and operating the automatic aluminum stacker.

Automatic Stacking


1. Automatically load the empety basket on the stacking position, which eliminates the need for manual labour and saves costs;
2. Soft contacting and precise handling, reduces scratches between each profile, even with existing basket sizes;
3. Easy to counting and bundle layer making per setting on quantity;
4. Automatic identification of aluminum section shape, no need to adjust for different shapes and sizes;
5. Online connection with production line. Saves space and can load profiles in baskets more efficiently;
6. Manual and automatic working modes are available for choice.

Our team is dedicated on the service that we provide to our customers. For every customer, we design and make the machine according to their real situation and specific needs to ensure that the machine is really what they need.


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