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Automatic steel tube packing line includes differernt solution per packing requirement. There are bagging solution for the stainless steel tube, Automatic steel tube bundle packing line for steel tube mill. And the solution can be mechanical or Megnet stocker. As one of leading manufacturer, fhope always provides very reliable machine, and high efficiency to increase our customer's packaing capacity. Our engineers and designers will design the whole line according to customer's needs and requirements. The layout will fit the customer's workshop for the convenience in the production.

1.Automation after production line to warehouse

The pipe receiving roller and gathering conveyor is able pick up the pipe from the production line after the cutting station. The steel pipe from prodcution line will be checking,ifiting and shifting to the bundling station.
The strapping station for binding the bundle, gathering conveyor for receiving and out feeding the pipe bundle

2.Man powe costs.

The pipe packing line only needs 1 opertor, All packing process will be done by machines, the engineer is for checking the working status.


3.Uniteze for different type pipe

The machine works for different pipe, such as steel pipe, aluminum pipe, copper pipe...which is flixiable for pipe with different shape too.  It is able handling the round, square, retangular pipe for hexagon & square bundle making.   Different stacking machine and strapping machine available for customized packing line and packaging goal.

automatic metal pipe packing lines
E200 E300 E400 E1000/1400
steel-tube-bagging-machine-plastic-pipe-packing-machine orbital-wrapper-for-bundle-stretch-wrapping horizontal-orbital-wrapping-machine-for-steel-tubes
steel-tube-bagging-machine automatic-steel-tube-bagging-machine-for-small-pipe high-speed-steel-tube-pipe-single-bagging-packing-line-machine

Automatic Steel Tube Packing Line

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