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coil packing machine, coil stretch wrapperThe Coil packing machine is a ring stretch wrapper special designed for eye through film wrapping package which is an efficient equipments for coils packaging. There are different vertion coil stretch wrapper per diferent coil size, handling way, packing material and handling requirement.At Fhope different types coil packaging solution is avialable for a nice and uniform packaging for many products in coil side, such as hose coil, pipe coil, wire coil, bearing, cable... 

For coil packing machine, the speed of ring and rollers are adjustable so that it is able wrap the coils by 360 degree. It is the most efficiency packing machine for coil objects and it was approved by thousand's end user who asking  for higher packaging rates and minimal space and lower labor costs.

Our team have rich experience in the coil packaging solution that we provide more than 1200 sets coil packing equipment aroud the world which works for improving the packing speed and replace the manually work.

One Fhope coil packign machine is able replace 3-4 worker in packing. Now it is being a part of the coil packing  line. Fhope provide coil packing equipment that connects to the slitting coil packing line that to be a part of the automation system.  The different coil packing function can be added to your packing equipment, such as tapping around the coil circle, film and paper two layer's wrapping, bubble film wrapping, automatic packing material clamping and feed... Also automatic packing material changing and reloading system can be the avaiable option of the coil packing machines.

 Fhope team helps to provide the economic coil packing solution, special coil packing function per your packaging, automatic coil packing system with stacking system, coil packing and track control...And our team got rich experience on customized designing for the customer around the world. Now Fhope had deliveried coil packing machines more that 1654 sets to the 65 countries. 

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By eye through packing: Coil packaging machine is able wrapping & covering the packing material over all surfaces of coils by well controled overlap . By different material, the packaging layer is able eliminates most of the air, dust, moisture from outsize.
By choose the proper packing material: the package is able reducing the corrosion, water spots, dust and rust. It protecting the surface of coil in storage and transportation. 

Browse your entire range of coil packaging requirement in size, speed and packing material and selecting the right solution that are suitable for you.
By application : Find the wrapping machine/packing machine per your products name, such as wire coil wrapping machine, hose wrapping machine, bearing packing machine...
By industry: Find the right solution to your packaging needs by selecting your industry/market segment.
Fhope capable provides total coil packing solution, not matter small ID coil, light packaging, heavy, big size... you can find the solution in our product list.Now the Max.coil we had handling is upto 35T. Local service such as engineer installation, commissioning and people training is avaiable from Fhope.
By special requirement: Fhope provide customized coil packing solution from semiauto to automatic packing system, such as automatic coiler, coil wrapping, coill strapping, coil handling, coil stacking per customer's handling and packaging goal.

coil wrapping machine, coil stretch wrapper manufacturer
hose coil wrapping machine by stretch film plastic pipe packingmachine video steel coil wrapping machine video
master coil stretch wrapper video bearing packing machine video coil packing line video

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There are coil wrapping machines with different version vary from packing goal. The best way to find the proper packing solution is Choosing The Machine By Application.In other words, if your products is hose, checking the hose packing solution in the hose coil packing machine list. The coil packing solution developed from semiauto to automation solution per different size, packing material, handling way... Any special package and packaging requirment, you can email or call our team directly for the free consultation.

Hose packaging machine

Steel coil wrapping machine

Wire coil wrapping machine

Copper coil packing machine

Pipe packing machine

Cable packing machine

Bearing packing machine

Tyre packing machines



For the coil packaging solution, the coil eye throght wrapping has thess coil status:

Vertical type: it is coil ID to wall with coil standing for wrapping that is normally for ecomomic solution. The coil loading by forklift, crane...

Horizontal type: It is coil ID to the sky for packing, normally it is the solution for autoamtic coil packing machine , coil packing line...or some special coil such as copper, hose... The horizontal type wrapping is able provide the good packing for irregular coil shape, light weight and small ID packaging.

There are many coil packing materials in the market that is vary from  different coil package and different company. Following is the tipical packing material for coil packing.

Streth film: It is an economic packing material in name of LLDPE which is able provide a sealed packaging for coil with good tension control and enough overlap rage. So it is the first choice for the water or moisture isolated packaging.

Paper: The strength of the paper is week so the original paper can not be used to coil wrapping. But after reinforce treatment with pp belts, PE film covering, the paper works for steel coil, wire coi, copper coil...packaging. After packaging by paper the surface of the package is wear-resisting. Also the paper provides the VCI formula that is for moisture proved packaging for sea worth package or raining season package.

HDPE/PE: It is an no glue type film, the thickness is >50microm that is for protecting the package from scraping.

Wolven knit belt: Usually the row material is PP, the knit belt is flixiable but it is stronger than paper and film. So it is popular in the razor wire , steel coil , wrire coil packaging. Because of it is able provide the rough package from scrapping in transportation.

The ring is one of the most important part of the coil packing machine. The packing material fixs/storage on the ring for eye through wrapping. The ring size is vary from the package size. If the package size range is big, for compitiable, the ring will be designed per biggest coil that works for small coil. The ring rotating in high speed so the ring material and sturcture design is very important to make it running in long time.


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