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For hoses and pipes of different sizes that need to be wound and packaged, we can provide a new type of automatic coiler machine and hose coiling machine. These machines have reached CE standards. Fhopepack provides many kinds of industry packaging solutions, and our machines adopt the latest industrial technology design standards. We will do our best to let customers get the most satisfactory products and services.


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Horizontal Automatic Coiler

  • Automatic tube coiling and tying machine

    Automatic tube coiling and tying machineThe automatic tubecoiling&strapping machine forsmall ID and short tube. It is able counting the lengths of tube by encoder, automatic cutting, coil making, strapping. All conform to CE guidelines and have been designed using the latest technology and design criteria for industrial use. ...

  • Fully Automatic coiler FCL-H1000

    Fully Automatic coiler FCL-H1000Fully automatic coiler for big pipe automatic winding, it is work for PE pipe and HDPE pipe automatic coil making too....

  • Automatic coiler FCL-H800

    Automatic coiler FCL-H800Automatic corrugated hose coiler, hose coiling and wrapping machine...

  • Automatic pipe winding machine FCL-H600

    Automatic pipe winding machine FCL-H600Automatic pipe coiling machine FCL-200 is used for the packaging of off-line pipe.It can calculate tube length, automatic cutting, coil making, PP binding and automatic shrink film packaging.All of these comply with CE criterion and use the latest technology and design standards for industrial use....

  • Automatic pipe coiler FCL-H300

    Automatic pipe coiler FCL-H300Automatic pipeline coiling FCL-100 is suitable for winding of nylon tube, PU pipe, PE pipe and other material pipe.It automatically rewinds the air tube from the reel and connects it to the extrude for online coils.After winding the coil, the coil will automatically move to the next station, which will be used for binding, contra...

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