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Purchase an L Bar Shrink Wrap Machine from the leading manufacturer

This series full-auto L type sealing and shrinking machine, it has an imported PLC automatic program control, easy operation, safety protection and alarm function that effectively prevents incorrect packaging.It is equipped with an imported horizontal and vertical detection photoelectric, which makes it easy to switch selections. The machine can be connected directly with the production line, no need additional operators.Auto film feeding punching device is to drill alway the air and to ensure the packing efficient perferct.Adopt the most advanced production technology, and FHOPE Group design and produce the customized packing machine according to your packing requirments.Technical team and after-sales team are always on-line for your technology supporting. 

L-Bar Shrink Wrap Machine

  • L-Bar Shrinking Machine FP-400LC+SH-450C

    L-Bar Shrinking Machine FP-400LC+SH-450CFHOPE group customize the packaging machine of L-type sealing shrinking machine according to your packing requirments.The packing machine can be auto connected after production line for further packing....

  • L-Bar Shrinking Machine FP-400LB+SH-450C

    L-Bar Shrinking Machine FP-400LB+SH-450CL type sealing and cutting machine without humanization, for collective packing of cylindrical objects.5 bottles (15), 10 bottles (110), (25), and other packaging forms....

  • L-Bar Shrinking Machine FP-400LA+SH-450C

    L-Bar Shrinking Machine FP-400LA+SH-450CFP-400LA+SH-450C is L type sealing and shrinking packing machine, high efficiency, automatic film feeding guide of punch device and manual adjustment of membrane system...

  • L-Bar Shrinking Machine FP-250A

    L-Bar Shrinking Machine FP-250AFP-250A adopts servo motor to drive the sealing cutter with high efficiency. With automatic film-feedingpunching device, and manual film guide adjustment system....

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