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A.Equipment name: automatic pipe capping machine
B.Specification: for pipe diameter 20-32; other specification needs customization
C.Scope: pipe production line
1. Indoor
2. Temperature: -20/45℃
3. Altitude: 0-3000m
4. Power supply: AC 220V(+10%,-10%) 50Hz TNS ground
5. Electricity consumption: less than 300W
6. Air source: 0.5mpa
7. Gas consumption: less than 1.0 m3 / h
8. Pipe material: national standard size, length 3m or 4m, length deviation plus or minus 10mm
9. Tube cap: the flying edge of injection molding is less than 4mm, and the roundness is not required
E.Device description
1. Size: 5500mm*1200mm*1100mm(length * width * height)
2. Color: light yellow, other colors can be customized
3. Control: HMI+PLC+ photoelectric sensor + solenoid valve + cylinder + vibration plate
4. Installation: turnkey project is provided
F. Technical data
1. Cap speed: cap cycle is less than 2 seconds, limit cycle is 1.5 seconds (40 times per minute)
2. Block failure rate: less than 1 in 50,000
3. Failure detection: optional match (additional RMB 4000)
4. Automatic counting subcontracting: ok
5. Pipe diameter detection: optional (plus 30,000 yuan)
6. Vibration plate: according to the design of the pipe cap provided by the customer
7. Whether the tube cap is detected: photoelectric switch
8. Pipe testing: photoelectric switch
9. Air source treatment: automatic drainage, double pressure adjustment, and separate adjustment of cap strength
10. Communications: industrial Ethernet, with a speed of 10M


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