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The fully automatic strapping machine is designed to strap coils vertically along the circumference. Its eye level is parallel to the transportation direction, and the roll is installed in the central area of the strapping machine by the conveying system. The solution includes equipment for slitting coils, cold roll steel coil, hot roll steel coils...


Steel coil strapping machines

  • circumference coil strapping machine

    circumference coil strapping machineThe direction of the coils is horizontally aligned with the center of the coil, and this differs from most strapping machines which have strapping heads on the top....

  • Automatic slitting coil strapping machine

    Automatic slitting coil strapping machineAutomaticslittingcoilstrappingmachine A steel coil strapping machine helps to bind slit coils without the need for a welding head because it binds the coils tightly and efficiently. Its easy to use and economical for the customer, who particularly appreciates the improved safety feature.A steel coil strapping machine helps to bin...

  • Radial coil strapping machine

    Radial coil strapping machineAutomatic slitting coil strapping machine Theradialcoilstrappingmachinehasbeendesignedasamodularunitwitharangeof machineoptionstosuitmostcustomerneedsandisdesignedtotakeintoaccountthesteelindustrys currentandfutureneedsinbothcoldandhotcoilrollingmilloperationsfor: Highproductionthroughputsincontinuouscoilrollingproductionoperatio...

  • Automatic slitting coil PET strapping machine

    Automatic slitting coil PET strapping machineIt is a slitting coil strapping machine for automatic online PET strapping that is able help to automation the steel coil eye strapping online....

1.Greater Efficiency

Automatic steel coil strapping equipment can reduce labor cost and human error. It can also solve these inefficient problems and improve the performance in key areas which is at the end of the production line and slitting line to reslove the jam in packing.

2..Improved Safety

Automation can keep workers away from dangerous processes, thus making the workplace safer. The potential safety hazard of manual bundling can be reduced. This kind of environment can reduce fatigue, keep your team alert and be less likely to get hurt. Automatic equipment also greatly reduces the possibility of tripping hazard. Compared with the traditional automatic strapping system, the sealing technology can also improve the safety. Unlike heat sealing systems, ultrasonic systems do not produce smoke or odor.

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