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Fhope has accumulated the rich experience in provide customized designing and manufacturering automatic wire compressor packaging equipment for wire coils; There are different solution to compacting and strapping of wire coils of any size, strapping by PET or steel belt, logo tapping, weighing, stacking...There are different types compressing machine and strapping machine which is able to provide a tight package making and packing by stretch film, PVC.... It is al solution adjustable to accommodate materials by inverters. It is the most efficiency equipment for improving your wire coil packaging which meets the handling and stacking requirement for higher packaging efficiency with minimal space and saving labor cost in wire handling.

It improving your package protection in transportation and stocking. The automatic packing machine can be add to the packing line which is able reducing the possibility of corrosion or water spots, dust and rust, protecting the surface of coil in transportation. Also it helps to improving your marketing. There are many series cable wrapping machine available. Our team is able to help your find the best solution per your specification.
Automatic wire coil compacting and strapping solution

Automatic wire coil compacting and strapping solution


FHOPE provide automatic wire coil compactor and strapping machine for automatic handling the wire coil with basket online.


 Technical specifications&performance:

We are responsible for the whole equipment design, the equipment integrity, and the completeness& accuracy of all the documents.

All of the design are based on Metric standard and comply with the existing ISO standards.All bearings are adopted according to International standards.

1)        Solid structure, firm and durable.

2)        Special designing for compacting wire coil with rack

3)        Soft start and stop.

4)        Compacting driven by hydraulic.

5)        Special transmission mechanism adopted, safe and stable.

6)        Conveyor for loading and unloading

7)        Multiple limit protection makes the machine more safe.

8)        The machine stops automatically.

9)        Obligating position for manually strapping.

10)    Two way back pressure technical, ensure smooth transition during shifting of gravity.

For reference

  • Coil should be displaced along with basket to the strapping position by current conveyor of the customer. The basket should be displaced centered respect to the line and the coil should be centered on the basket, so both reach centered to the compacting and strapping position.

• After the chains conveyor of the customer is situated the strapping table. This table is situated at the +0/-0 level of customer plant, to the same height of the entry and exit conveyors of the customer. At the entry of the strapping table are two chains motorized with one gear motor which mission is to displace the basket with coil to the strapping position. At the exit of the strapping table there are also another two chains motorized by a gear motor which mission is to connect strapping position with customer exit conveyor. On the strapping position the table has a rotary system which is powered by an electric gear motor and this movement is controlled by a variator. In order to situate the basket with coil at each strapping position, it carries integrated a rotary system powered by an electric gear motor. Rotation speed of the conveyor is controlled by a variator and the stop positions are controlled by some detectors. 

Automatic wire coil compacting and strapping solutionAutomatic wire coil compacting and strapping solution
Automatic wire coil compacting and strapping solutionAutomatic wire coil compacting and strapping solution
Automatic wire coil compacting and strapping solution

 • The strapping table has a capacity to support a maximum of 1 basket with a wire coil.

• At the height of the rotation table, there is situated an automatic compactor, whose mission is to compact the wire coil before being strapped. This pressing movement is powered by hydraulic cylinder, applying a predetermined pressure to obtain the values described in the offer (concerning the height of the wire coil, being Max.1 metric Ton the force used to compact the wire coil). The press has some supports that act directly against the wire coil in the mentioned points to compact the coil. The contact zone of the supports against the wire coil carries some HDPE material to avoid damaging the material while is being done the compacting of the coil. The compactor has a rotary system integrated which is powered by an electric gear motor. Its mission is to rotate along with the coil, being the coil compacted. The rotation of the compactor and the strapping table is performed simultaneously, and the speed controlled by previously mentioned variator.

• At the height of the compactor and the strapping table, there is situated one Automatic Strapping Machine for polyester strap. The strapping Machine is supported and fixed at a fix point.

• The strap dispenser and accumulator will be placed on the strapping machine frame. The strap dispenser is designed for a 19mm polyester strap coil.

• The strapping head has a horizontal movement powered by one hydraulic cylinder in order to approach to the wire coil to be strapped. To control in which position is the head, it carries some detectors.

• The strapping head has pneumatic, electric and mechanic elements. The strapping head has a strapping line to perform the strapping with 19mm polyester strap.

• The strapping are performed on the front part of the wire coil and not to damage the material to be strapped, the contact zone of the strapping head against the coil will be made in HDPE material.

• At the compactor there is a button panel in order to perform operates it and the rotary table manually, in case is required to do from this position.

• In order to perform maintenance works of the strapping head, the head should be situated at back position. The operator has to introduce a security bolt of the strapping head in the corresponding slot and all the, electric, pneumatic, hydraulic and mechanic movements of the strapping machine are cancelled.

• In the offer is included a hydraulic group to manage the hydraulic movements of the offered elements.

• In the offer is included an air pressure regulator + lubricator to regulate the pneumatic pressure of the installation. 


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