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Automatic wire coil compressing and strapping packing line

This is a automatic solution for connecting compressing with drawing machine to handling the basket. It makes the basket gathering the wire coil.Automatic wire coil compressing and strapping packing lineThe wire coil along with the basket should be stay in table and the compactor system will compacting the wire coil on spool. It is al solution adjustable to accommodate materials by inverters.The offered line is designed for the handling of a total of 8 coils per hour along with its baskets, taking into account that to each coil will be done a total of 4 radial straps. This value has been provided by the customer has designed the line according with received specifications. The automatic strapping machine and the compactor don’t damage the wire coils to be strapped, because the contact zone of them are protected with HDPE material. For the elaboration of the offer have been considered the Automatic Strapping & Compacting Line can work 24 hours per day and 7 days per week. So it will be designed accordingly. It is the most efficiency equipment for improving your wire coil packagingwhich meets the handling and stacking requirement for higher packaging efficiency with minimal space and saving labor cost in wire handling.The operator should place a basket along with its wire coil on the conveyor and conveyor move the coil into compacting station. The basket along with the coil should be displaced to the position of the strapping table supplied by Fhopeapck.

Automatic wire coil compressing and strapping packing line

FHOPE provide Automatic coil compactor and strapping machine and conveyor system for automatic handling the wire coil with basket online.
 1. Application: the equipment is composed of compacting device, hydraulic pump station, conveyor &etc, it’s used for vertical type wire coil compacting.
 No Parameters Unit Values
1 Material   GI wire coil
2 Position of the coil inner diameter   Vertical (eye to the sky)
3 The coil is positioned on   Basket
4 Max. Outside diameter of the wire coil mm 1300
5 Min. Outside diameter of the wire coil mm 800
6 Max. Inner diameter of the wire coil mm 600
7 Min. Inner diameter of the wire coil mm 450
8 Max. diameter of the wire mm 8.0
9 Min. diameter of the wire mm 2.50
10 Height of the wire coil before compacting mm 1200
11 Height of the wire coils after compacting mm 800
12 Max. weight of the wire coil Kg 2000
13 Temperature of the material ºC Normal
14 Dimensions of the basket mm 1200 Dia base
15 Required compacting force Ton. 2-3T
16 Number of the straps per coil Nos 4
 2. Operation:
  a. Infeeding and wire coil to the conveying and moves it to the compacting position.
  b. Carrier down on the compaction position.
c.  Prerssing down the compacting head

d. Strapping the wire coil in compressing situation.

e. Pressing down head raising and move the carrier with coil to next station.

3. Main technical parameters:
  Strapping material:
q Strap width 19mm q Strap thickness 1,00 / 1,27mm
q Type of strap Polyester
q Strap quality Smooth /High quality polyester strap


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