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Hydraulic Upender and Tilter manufaturer

Fhope is one of leading hydraulic upender manufacturer in China, the hydraulic upending machine is designed with stability for tilting products, which can dramatically enhance the working efficiency. As a main part of the upender equipment, the hydraulic upender's performance is despends on the hydraulic system's designging.
Our hydraulic upenders can handle heavy work smoothly and effectively.
They use one or more double acting cylinders to rotate the platform. A platform can be significantly smaller than others. The ideal load of these upenders is not symmetrical, such as long and cylindrical. The hydraulic upenders can handle heavy work smoothly and effectively.
They use one or more double acting cylinders to rotate the platform. A platform can be significantly smaller than others. The ideal load of these upenders is not symmetrical, such as long and cylindrical.


Uniform Case Sealer

Hydraulic upender

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  • Flipper Lift Table

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  • Hydraulic coil upender for 10T

    Hydraulic coil upender for 10TThis Hydrauliccoil upender machine is a custom designed flat tilterwith a capacity of upending 40Tmold. The upend process requires raising one half of the upender 90 and then loading the tool against the raised half. Next rotates both halves simultaneously which rotates or upends the tool 90 to allow for servicing. 1.Name, mode...

  • Roll upender

    Roll upenderRoll upender is for handing paper roll, curtain roll, carpet,with heavy designed structure, firm and durable.Fhope manufacturer provide you safety operating situation....

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    hydraulic tilterThe hydraulic tilter and upender for turning manufacturer.Fhope manufacturer provides you safety operating environment....

  • Floor Base Hydraulic Upender

    Floor Base Hydraulic UpenderFloor base Hydraulic upender/Tilter is used to turn heavy objects in operation. The equipment has good stability and solid structure for handling the heavy load. The machine can be provided of easy operation and nice security for the operator.The advantage of this machine is that it has a small amount of maintenance....

pallet-exchanger pallet-inverter-manufacturer-pallet-changing-machine hydraulic-tilter-and-hydraulic-upender
hydraulic-90-o-coil-tilter-with-adjustable-working-table automaitc-coil-stacking-and-tiltering-turn-over-machine 95-pallet-exchanger

Hydraulic Upenders are not only utilized for Warehouse and Automotive operations. They are also utilized in a huge variety of industrial applications. Some ideas comprises of but are not restricted to, ship building, mining, chemical processing, power generation, wood processing, pharmaceutical, petroleum filtering, concrete manufacturing, packaging, construction, and so much more. For all these applications, high quality, efficient and sturdy coil upenders are completely essential.

The Hydraulic Upender makes shifting large or graceless products easy and efficient while safeguarding the workers and assisting to keep away the workplace accidents. One superb solution example was a mold manufacturer with great space checks and curbs. The customer fights to efficiently upturn the awkward, heavy mold form 90-180 degrees so as to machining and checking in preparation for next production step. The way out for this customer was a Pass-Through Upender efficient of flipping the mould protectively onto a platform. The Upender for this customer was furnished with control characteristics that provided the die and mould was preoccupied and correctly placed on the required position.


The advantages of a hydraulic Upender comprises of: providing a quickest way to offer stable contact up to very high levels of force and loading, more firmness and less injuries ascribed to contact damage, and saving time and money. When buying a hydraulic Upender, think about choosing a model with a best track record of service and assistance. Search for models that are simple to program and comprises of safety attributes for instance Max.Loading weight, working table size, loading and unlaoding way... Also, ensure that the model you choose is able to work with load shape and turning direction in considering the operation safety.

It is always the best idea to purchase the best hydraulic upenders accessible in the market for satey handling & turning the heavy load prodution


Item H02 H05 H10 H20 H40 H50
Power Supply
AC 380/50
2.5 3.5 5.5 6.5 8.5 10
Max. Loading
2 5 10 20 40 50
Working Table
Per Load size
15-30 20-35 20-35 30-60 40-60 50-90
Machine Weight
1.8 2.2 2.8 3.0 3.3 3.6
Machine size
Per Load shape & size
Warrantee 2 years
Driving Hydraulic

Note: The Max.Loading and working table size can be designed per different load and specification.

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